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Great home purchase experience with Josh 

I first started searching for single family homes during the summer of 2020. The houses I was touring were not in the best of locations, but I was willing to spend money just to buy any house. 

Before meeting Josh, I did not focus on location of the property as I should have. I picked Josh because he seemed very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He was willing to explain everything to us and provide us resources to look at. He told us location is important and showed us a house in a great location for a great price. 

Josh was always available when I had questions and did his best to answer any questions I had. He recommended a great lender who he knew was trustworthy and the whole transaction as smooth. 

I would definitely recommend Josh to anyone who wants to buy a house or any kind of property. 

-- Sam E.


Excellent experience selling our home in Fremont

We met Josh at a open house and was immediately impressed with his knowledge.  When it came time to sell our house we called him and was not disappointed.  Josh made us feel like we were his only clients, returning my calls immediately putting all my fears and worries at rest.  He told us what our house was worth and suggested some upgrades that would help.  We took his advice and sold our house after one weekend of open house.  We had multiple offers well above asking price.  Josh is the only person I would call with any real estate needs.  I would give him 10 stars.

--  Donna &John Hageman


Great Union City home purchase experience with Josh

I met Josh’s team during an open house, then a face-to-face meeting in the following week. Josh is very knowledgeable and thoughtful, he went through all of our preferences and provided lots of information and comments on our thoughts. During the house tours, he truly showed his expertise and comprehensives knowledge, not only on the property itself, but also the whole community and district. He is also a great negotiator and scored a very decent deal for us. We would definitely recommend Josh and will use him again.

-- Yantong Shen


Professional and Trustworthy

When starting to look for a home, we found Josh in Zillow. Immediately, we found a big difference from him and other realtors. Instead of wanting to show us homes to buy right away, he invites us to his office for a 1.5 hours session. He asked good questions,  listened carefully and wrote down as to what we like and want in great details. He then explained why and how he can help. At the end of the meeting, we gladly commit to work with him.

During the searching process, even we told him that we liked this house, he still showed us a few more good homes for comparisons and explained all the pros and cons of this home. He helped us beat another interested party and had a smooth transition. We don't know how he handles his busy schedule. For some reason, he always had time for us with patience and sound strategies.  At the end, he even negotiated some credit back from seller to us.

If we have friends who want to buy or sell houses, we will definitely ask them to use Josh.

-- Christina


I had 9 offers in 7 days.

Josh was sent to me by my angels, I had tried to sell my house a few months before and, I was feeling sad, disappointed and, overwhelmed the day he knocked on my door. I had had several calls from agents offering to sell my house but, there was something very genuine about Josh, he was honest and calm and, never pushy. When we had our first official appointment, we talked for over 3 hours, he inspected the house and, made a list of the things he thought would be a good idea to fix and why, always making sure that the decision was all mine. He hired the painters, the landscaper and, supervised their work, he made sure that I spent the least amount of money to make the greatest difference in the way the house looked and, it looked amazing!
He was constantly in touch with me and, he returned my calls immediately. The whole process was smooth, he was very caring, professional, efficient and, he had the patience to walk me through the process even when I felt so anxious.
I would one hundred percent recommend Josh and his staff if you are looking to buy or sale a house. He is amazing and, I will forever be thankful to my angels for sending him to my house that morning when I felt hopeless.
-- Veronica Palma

Efficient home purchase with a great experience

The wife and I were in the market for our first home. We had saved enough and it was time. We began passively searching and even met a few realtors who didn't explain that much. We searched on Zillow, and we're glad we found him.
Josh is the best. He is highly knowledgeable, knows every part of a home and why things are the way they are. Has in-depth knowledge of the area, and pinpoints exactly the problems of the area. Knows the price of anything that may need repair or renovated. He carefully explains everything in detail, and informs you what's important and what's not so important. Best of all, he looks out for your best interests.
He is very meticulous. No detail escapes him. He kept working on my purchase even though the property was supposed to be sold as-is. And he negotiated a lower price even though the sale was pretty much a done deal.
I highly recommend Josh, and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking in the Fremont-Milpitas-Pleasanton area.
Best regards,
-- Mark Locsin

Buying my first home with help from Josh

I am a first home buyer in my late 20's. I always wanted a place of my own that I could value as a good investment. However, I knew very little of home buying. Josh Chen is a very knowledgeable and seasoned real estate agent. He helped me understand how to search for a good home and what things to look out for when going to a open house. He understood my lack of experience and helped me understand the function of every step we took and every turn that was new to me. His agent and he were always standby for my calls and emails. The response was always timely.
Josh is a Brother from my church. I felt like I could trust a brother. More importantly. Many people recommended him for me so I had some idea he would not be a bad pick. I did not know any other agent, so instead of just  a random person that could rip me off, I chose Josh whom many people recommended.
I like Josh trying his best to save my money, negotiating for the lowest possible offer and helping me save money in my loan application and closing costs. Some agents may put their own profit before saving their client's money. Josh is not one of them. You can pick him if you want to save money.
I will likely use Josh again but don't know when and I have recommended other people to Josh.
-- Lexian Guo

Superb home purchase experience with Josh

My name is Daniel. I’m a software engineer working in Silicon Valley. Me, my wife and our 1-year old baby lived in Sunnyvale in the past few years. We moved to Fremont recently because we wanted to get closer to the church community we attend to. Fortunately, one of our friends referred Josh to us. At our first meeting, Josh patiently listened to all our wished items and helped us figure out the priorities. He showed us some houses that he thought might be good for us - all of them were right on the sweet-spot! I would say Josh is capable of doing that because his years of experiences in being a realtor (both commercial and residential), and his vast knowledge in Tri-City (Fremont/Newark/Union City) area. You can tell by looking at his huge number of transactions he has managed in the past few years.

Josh is ethical, honest and trustworthy. He puts client’s interest first. He is very responsive and friendly. He showed us how to be patient for right deals. Josh is also a excellent negotiator and well-respected among other realtors. This advantage actually helped us secure the house because the seller agent knew Josh is a professional and dependable buyer agent. 

I won’t hesitate at all to refer Josh to my friends and I will certainly count on him again. I would say Josh is THE BEST REALTOR you can find in Tri-City area. Many of his previous clients have mentioned that as well. Give him a call if you are looking for a realtor - you will know it!

- Daniel Tan


Happy Home Sellers in Fremont- Thanks to Josh Chen

My husband and I talked for years about selling our home in Fremont and find a new location that we would eventually settle and retire to.  With only an idea of the qualities we knew would be important to us in a realtor, we started an exhaustive and overwhelming search online. We spoke with a few realtors but didn’t get a feeling of contentment. For months we watched very closely what was happening in the market in our neighborhood and noticed one agent in particular seemed very proficient in getting his homes sold.  That realtor was Josh Chen.

We called Josh and invited him to meet with us in our home. He was polite, professional and easy to talk to. We learned that Josh has years of experience, works very hard for his clients, is an excellent negotiator and is laser- focused on the real estate market. He presented us with a fully prepared plan for the sale of our house that was clear and easy to understand. He explained the fluctuations in the market and made sure all of our questions were answered. He made us feel comfortable and by the end of the meeting we felt trust that Josh would get things done. And he did.

We accepted a pleasing offer within a week of listing our house. From the very beginning to the Close of Escrow, Josh was there for us every step of the way. The entire process went so smoothly for us, no doubt because of the hard work Josh did on his end. He demonstrated full command of all the qualities most important in a Realtor, including honesty and integrity.

We happily and highly recommend Josh to anyone looking for a great experience buying or selling a home.

 - Rob and Joanne Graham in 2018


Great first home purchase experience with Josh

Eliminating the stress of home ownership is exactly what Josh Chen did the moment we walked into his office.

With a genuine smile and compassion in his eyes, my wife and I instantly liked Josh.

After a considerate conversation of our wants and needs, josh brought instantly to the table a few choices for us to look at.

The day of looking at houses was easy and yet difficult, simply because Josh showed us our wish list.

The second home we walked into, my wife and I looked at each other and said, “I could move in now!”, and this was the house we now call home.

During the offer process as well as other questions we would have, Josh would promptly answer, and the answer was always honest whether we liked it or not.

When we had our final inspection with Josh, we felt like we had a friend helping us during this beautiful process, as opposed to someone simply in it for the money.

Absolutely I would recommend Josh to anyone looking for an agent, especially if you are a first time home buyer.

Thank you so much Josh

- Joyce and Joseph in 2018


Excellent experience selling our home in Newark, CA

Josh did a great job representing and selling our home in the Newark Lake area. We are relocating out of state, and his guidance was spot on. We talked to a few agents but ultimately chose Josh after a referral, and we are glad we did. Not only does he really understand the current market, he is very open and patient which is key when you are buying and selling. 

We were very comfortable using his guidance and felt he put the clients’ best interests first. We were in constant communication and he delivered on all of his commitments. He negotiated a great deal for us over asking, and we were very satisfied throughout the entire process. 

We highly recommend using Josh Chen for any home buying or selling needs in the area.

- Alex and Heather De Lipski in 2018


Josh is the BEST agent you will find in the Bay area.

As first-time home-buyers, I was overwhelmed by the sheer difficulty of finding a proper home in Silicon Valley. After an unhappy trial of working with some agent, I found Josh through the recommendation of my friend who had Josh as his buyer's agent months ago.

I like the fact that Josh listens to his clients' need very well. We sat down together going through my priority list and analyzed the property that fit my needs and budget in our first engagement. I am very happy that he respects what I want and was willing to explore any possibility that fits my interest.

Josh is very professional and patient. He showed great professionalism and proved his priority was to help me getting the home that I like and won't regret for. For every property I am interested in, Josh gave a tour, checked the inspection report carefully and answered any question I have in a timely manner. Besides, his marketing analysis and comp proved to be solid and helpful.

Josh is honest and intellectual. Confronted with a highly competitive situation, he never rushes his advice nor your decision. I appreciated his continuous effort towards each step of the buying process. The loan agents that Josh recommended are also very efficient and trustworthy.

If you're also looking to buy a house in the highly competitive Bay area, I strongly recommend Josh as your agent!

- Lisha S in 2018


Bought a Townhouse in Fremont in 2018

As a first time home buyer and someone with almost no experience, we planned to buy a house in Fremont. The first thing we did was looking for a good realtor in Fremont when we tried to search in Zillow to find a good and reliable agent with very good reputation and reviews. Among those suggested by Zillow, Josh’s reviews were impressive and showed how much people were satisfied with his services. After contacting him in a couple of weeks, he gave us some initial information and toured us to some houses to educate what to look for when going to open houses. He also introduced us to a very good lending agent who did amazing job going through our lending process.

Throughout the whole process of house hunting, Josh provided us with the best knowledge about neighborhoods, what properties are worth looking into and giving offer, and also all the paperwork and legal matters. There happened cases when we liked a house, but according to his knowledge and experience were not worth buying, and that was when he was straight in guiding us not going to that direction, showing that he always tried to put his client’s interest first. I also admire his patience in getting best deals and sometimes dealing with some irrational listing agents. In choosing the best offering price and negotiating it, as a great negotiator he used his extensive experience and knowledge that eventually lead us to get our favorite house with a reasonable price where we could beat close competitor. Our escrow process was also very stressful since I had to leave the country soon, and with the great management from Josh and lending officer, we could get the deal closed right before I left. Overall, we had amazing experience with Josh and would definitely recommend him to others to choose him as their agent.

- Yahya and Roghe in 2018


Trustworthy, Professional and Hard Work

My family moved from Denver, CO to Pleasanton, CA due to my job change. My daughter is about to the Kindergarten in Aug. 2018, thus, my wife and I decided to buy a house which belongs to a good school district.

One day, we were invited to my friend's new house and in our talking, my friend highly recommends Josh Chen to me due to his knowledge, kindness and hard working on helping customers. I was impressed with his comments and contacted Josh. This is the start of my house purchasing journey with Josh.

On the first day when we met Josh, his knowledge and analysis of house market in Silicon Valley convince us and I decided to work with him. I think buying a house, especially for me the first house buyer is actually a learning experience. Josh is a very good learning source. He taught my wife and me how to pick an area, how to feel the potential neighbors, how to check the housing outlook, where is the water pipe, whether the stucco is good or not, and so on. Many many things we heard the first time. Josh is so kind and nice and patient, he never pushed us to pick a special place he likes, he only gave his suggestion and used his experience to help us. More importantly, he never hides drawbacks of a house in order to finish the purchase. He always found 'little' but critical things from either reports or actual visit and taught us why they are important. I think his HONEST give us all the TRUSTNESS for sure.

Honestly, my wife and I had very very limited knowledge of a house and house buying. Thus, sometimes, we were picky. Josh is so gentle and patient that accompany us to attend open houses from Fremont to Pleasanton. Finally, my wife and I decided to buy a house in Pleasanton. Josh commuted from Fremont to Pleasanton every weekend and Monday to help us check houses. We appreciate his help and finally, we found our dream house and were ready to submit an offer.

Josh did a profound research on the comparison of the market and suggest a price range to us. Again, he NEVER PUSH us and NEVER FORCE us to give a price. We even think his suggested price is lower a bit, but, we WIN the offer. Josh's expertise and HARD WORK helped us win the house and helped us save money.

In the process of closing, he closely worked with our lender, listing agent and title company, gave us the best and timely suggestions. We closed our house on time. Also, even after closing, Josh still helped us on maintain the house and decorate the house. Very helpful.

I already recommended my friends who are willing to buy a house in Silicon Valley. I will recommend Josh to all my friends if they want to buy a house.

Thank you, Josh.

- Yanzhe C. in 2018


Sold my home amazingly fast & high price

I interviewed a few different realtors and felt very comfortable with Josh.  He helped me with his excellent professional, knowledgeable and negating skills through the entire process. Everything went so smoothly!

I was impressed with Josh's goal oriented action.  He obtained more than $100K over asking price for an all-cash offer on my house within DAYS of listing.

I feel that God helps me make a right decision to have Josh be my agent.   He is experienced and knowledgeable.  Never questioned a special request---made me feel like I was in control even though I followed his suggestions.

Josh was a pleasure to have as my realtor.  He never left any questions unanswered and super responsive as if you are his only client!  He is always proactive in the process of selling and my results were more than I expected with his friendly, honest and professional service.

If anyone of my friends in Bay area needs a realtor, I am going to recommend Josh.   I liked his professional work, immediate responses and knowledge of the local real estate.

- Jun in 2018


Great home purchase experience with Josh

    That is so nice to have Josh Chen as real estate agent during our first time house purchased experience. Since we are first time home buyer, we don’t have any experience about the buying procedure in States. Josh really helps us a lot during this period. Especially, he is fully knowledge about the things that the first time buyers should look at and pay attention to. He also gives us very accurate estimates on the houses that we are interested in and help us negotiate with listing agents about price and give us more opportunity even if the offer is already done.

    Moreover, he treats us very nicely and never got mad or impatient even if we give him so many requests. We would strongly recommend everyone to have him as your agent if you want to learn and have great experience while purchasing your first house.

- Ye Jin and Dongjie Zhang in 2018


Professionalism and Strategic-thinking

    I highly praise Josh’s professionalism and his strategic-thinking approach to sell my property in a week with 11 offers and my house was sold with $110,000 more over the asking price.

The preparation works to debut the property were well thought and executed by Josh and his team thus the selling process was like a breeze and the outcome was beyond my expectations.

- Raymond in 2018


Josh Chen - The agent who…Works hard to serve his clients’ needs!

My mother is 85 years old and was living alone in her house in Fremont, CA. She decided that it would be better and safer for her to move in with me. Needless to say, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait for her to be here in Idaho with me! But, in order for that to happen, we needed to sell her existing house.

I started actively looking for an agent to sell my mom’s house. Josh had always been a wonderful and friendly neighbor to my parents for over 14 years. He is a good and kind man and his wife is the same. We knew that he had something to do with real estate, but really didn’t know what a wonderful agent he is!

Josh was the only agent who actually “asked for the order”, and he was not going to leave without our listing! This impressed me greatly! This is an extremely desirable quality to have for someone in a sales position. Josh marketed the house before it was ever listed, and by doing this, he created a great deal of interest in the property, so when he had the open house, there were so many people that came through to see it. In a matter of 9 days from the time the house went on the market, we had 6 written offers! Josh had qualified all of the perspective buyers and presented the offers to me in such a way that it was easy to select the perfect offer for us!

My experience with Josh Chen was excellent! Josh has a vast knowledge of the market he serves which means to you, the client, you will have no worries, everything is done for you by Josh and his staff! If you are looking for a knowledgeable professional who is hard working, ethical, honest, friendly, responsive and resourceful, Josh Chen is the agent for you! I will recommend Josh to all my friends in the Bay Area because I know they will have the same wonderful experience with him that I did!

Josh is a terrific guy and you will be as pleased as I am with his service!

- LeAnn S. Ferguson in 2018


Sold my family home in Fremont 2017

In 1967 a young family came to live at 5465 Tilden Place. There were 3 young boys and a husband and wife eager to start their life with a brand new home. We were the original owners, it was a great place to grow up in. We had wonderful neighbors, excellent schools and a perfect location at the end of the cul-de- sac.

Fast forward to 2017. We had originally planned to rent out our parents home but it became obvious that this was not going to be easy to do and the decision was made to sell the property.

We interviewed several realtors and in the end picked Josh Chen of Coldwell Banker. We picked him for several reasons: 1) He came across as very knowledgeable of the area, 2) He seemed trustworthy, 3) He had a great marketing plan and 4) He is very likeable.

Prior to putting the house on the market we decided to do some remodeling. It needed some updating. We live over 2 hours away from Fremont and the idea of coordinating contractors was very daunting. Josh stepped in and really helped us a lot with this. He offered recommendations and suggestions on what would appeal to buyers, and he even helped us find some of the contractors that did the work. It was a very big help to us.

Josh was very hard-working always going the extra mile to help get things done.

The house had 15 offers. Josh was so helpful in guiding us through the different offers. And in the end the house sold for $138,000 OVER the asking price.

If you are looking for someone to help you sell or buy a home we highly recommend Josh. He’s professional, he’s reliable, and he’s very hard-working. His honesty and knowledge of the market really made a difference.

Thanks Josh! Job well done!

- Debbie and Pete Shaeffer in 2017


Bought my dream house with Josh again in 2017

I have bought a house a few years back with Josh and it was a very smooth experience. This is the second time we worked together and I didn't bother to consider anyone else except Josh. Just as before, he is an expert on the market and the home buying process. He is very responsive and I could always reach him immediately whenever I wanted to. He is very trustworthy and I always felt comfortable to share with him my budget, my requirement, the price I would like to bid and the price I would like to accept. He is never pushy and is very patient to help me find the house I am looking for. He always explains disadvantages of each house to make sure I won't regret on the offer I placed.

We negotiated the price for more than one month, Josh built strategy on negotiation process and negotiated hard with listing agent during each step. He tried all his best to get the price lower and lower even after I was already satisfied with the price. He also helped me find a very good loan agent and they two took care of most of the things. We closed the whole process in 3 weeks. I am still bothering him for various house maintenance and remodeling advice. I would definitely recommend Josh to any home buyers and I am sure everybody will enjoy working with him.

- H Bai in 2017


An Outstanding Job by Josh!

Josh Chen did an outstanding job selling my Niles home. The open house generated multiple offers and because Josh looks out for his clients best interest I received the optimal offer for my home.

At the first meeting Josh brought a detailed binder with information about himself and data on home sales. This demonstrated his dedication; revealed his experience; and showed his expertise and knowledge of the home sales market.

Josh developed and implemented a solid marketing plan specific to my home. I followed his advice and recommendations for improvements to help get the home ready for sale. Josh was dependable and guided me through the process. He was organized and had resources for my to-do list. Josh provided personal attention and responded quickly to texts and emails. He made me feel as if I were his only client.

The sale went smoothly and Josh made the process easy from listing to closing. His hard work has allowed me to move on to new life adventures.

If you are looking to sell don’t hesitate to call Josh!

- Rachel in 2017


Super great home purchase with Josh Chen

Many of neighbors around our previous property have been rented out, and we felt uncomfortable. We started looking for a single family house in Fremont area since August 2017 and missed several houses we like, before we met Josh, either out-bidden or lack of confidence to place a bid.

We met Josh in one of his open houses, and we were impressed right away by his honesty and warm attitude. After further engagement with him, we've justified our initial impression. Josh not only boasts abundant knowledge certainly on home purchase, he is also very easy going. He was able to propose to us patiently several purchase plans based on our financial situation before we decided instantaneously afterwards to have him as our agent.

Josh has a very keen eyesight on houses, and so he can give very trustworthy opinions during house hunting. His resourceful skills in negotiation together with the very disciplined and professional team he is working with, won us the first bid we placed with him. The whole transaction process was extremely smooth and Josh has always put our interest fist. Overall, we've enjoyed the home purchase experiences together with Josh, even though it was a relatively short and efficient one.

I would definitely have Josh as my agent again if I am either buying or selling home in the future. And I am already recommending Josh to my friends who have real estate needs.

- Yang Lin in 2017


Smooth sale of Home in Fremont

We got to know Josh Chen after he sold our neighbor’s house a few years ago. That house was listed with another agent and didn’t move. When Josh had the listing a year later, he sold it within a week for 14% higher than the asking price. We saw what Josh had accomplished, so when the time came for us to sell, we chose Josh without hesitation.

From the beginning, Josh learned about our needs and keenly understood them while keeping in frequent communication. His in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and his network of dependable contractors to help us prepare for our open house was impressive. He set up a timeline that was tremendously useful and allowed us to plan around our home sale activities. Our anxiousness about the process was calmed when we had questions or concerns because he always said, “I am your agent, let me take of it.” And he did.

After a single open house weekend and within a week on the market, we had numerous offers and went into escrow. Josh’s marketing and negotiating skills were top-notch and his willingness to assist us with his calm demeanor meant a great deal to us. Our escrow went smoothly because Josh arranged all the closing appointments and was beside us all the way.

Josh Chen is a principled, ethical and responsive realtor. Without reservation, we highly recommend him if you are interested in buying or selling a house.

- Kaiser & Judy A in 2017


Super home selling experience with Josh, he delivered!

We long considered selling our home in Fremont and relocating out of area, but the proposition of actually going forward seemed overwhelming as we anticipated it to be long, drawn out and stressful process. Josh showed up at our doorstep one day and explained why the market was prime for 1) a quick sell so therefore less hassle and stress and 2) a sell at a very high price. We carefully followed all of Josh’s recommendations and his strategy was absolutely perfect, we were able to sell our house in 1 week and received multiple offers, most over the asking price.

We selected Josh as our real estate partner after hearing his presentation. We believed in his strategy, loved his aggressive attitude and recognized his extreme knowledgeable of the local real estate market. Also, we knew he had a super track record of quickly selling homes in our area and at a high price.

Josh was super to work with at every phase of the selling process. He’s very responsive, patiently answered our questions, his knowledge of the market was dead on and we truly believe because of Josh and his strategy we got the highest price possible for our home.

We would refer Josh without hesitation. In fact, because of our very positive experience many former neighbors and friends in the area took note and are now considering selling as well so we’ve already passed Josh’s name around.

- Cathy Wright in 2017


Great Home Selling Experience with Josh

Josh helped us buy our current house two years ago, and he was very responsive, trustworthy, we worked with him very well. So this year when we plan to sell our previous house, we choose Josh as our agent again. Josh gave us many suggestions and helpful resources during the process, the house was sold very quickly with the price beyond our expectation. Here are the several reasons I would recommend Josh Chen to my friends.

  • Reliable. Josh gave us a checklist for preparing to sell the house, such as cleanup, painting, and staging with detailed timelines. He also frequently followed up the process with us to make sure everything is on track.
  •  Honest. As a seller/buyer agent, Josh always tells us the pros/cons of a house as far as he knows, inspection report, contingencies, potential risks etc.
  • Responsive. Josh is very busy, but whenever I have questions, call him or send him emails, he replies very quickly.
  • Put client first. We also asked Josh to help us to buy a mobile home. For mobile home, agent can only get very little commission. But Josh spent quite amount of time in this mobile home buying: negotiating with listing agent, preparing the offer, contacting mobile home parks etc. Josh always tries to maximize the benefit for his clients

I would highly recommend Josh to my friends, telling them my testimony and great home selling experience.

- Steven Xi in 2017


Bought our first home in the Bay Area with Josh

My wife and I wanted to settle down in a nice neighborhood in the Bay Area, and found Josh through great online reviews, just like the one we are writing now! He is very knowledgeable in his trade, and an impressive negotiator. As first-time house buyers, we greatly appreciated having him walk us through the house search and house-buying process. Josh is very responsive in our communication and comprehensive in answering our questions. Moreover, his reference line-up of fellow bankers, to inspectors and painters are all top notch service professionals. We would highly recommend Josh to any and all future house buyers in the Bay Area.

- Bohou Luo in 2016

Dream house come true because of Josh Chen

Josh recently helped me purchase our beautiful dream house, and I am so glad that I worked with him. Before we met Josh, we went to a lot of open houses ourselves, because we were so picky, we only wanted something that is in a great school district area with big house with big lot size and high ceiling, close to BART station and Asian market and more, so it was very difficult to find this kind of property by the time. And we worked with few other buyer’s agents. We just didn’t feel things right until our friend referred Josh to us.

Every buyer should probably know that home purchasing in Bay area is different than any other area in the US. It is not only about getting the right house but also about how can you get it the right way in today’s seller’s market that you have to win a bidding war in order to get your dream house. Luckily Josh is here and he helped us all the way, every single question we asked, he patiently answered them all. I don’t have to mention that he showed us a lot of open houses that we might be interested, he showed us which area is more fit for us, he guided us how to evaluate the house inside out. We felt like we were his only VIP client.

The most important part is how he helped us win our dream house. If it wasn’t for Josh, we would spend more money on bidding, and we may still lose. He has all kinds of strategies, knowledge and backup plans to deal with those difficult situations that you never would think it will happen to you and that is the key to success. He can get us some valuable information from seller’s agent, its’ like he knows how seller and seller’s agent think, and that makes us always one step forward compare to our competitors. And there were more than 10 buyers bidding on the same property, and because of Josh, we won the war and we felt no frustration at all.

He even came with us to sign the documents in order to close the deal and provided us a list of home service providers that we will need in the future, so we felt we don't need to do anything in the escrow/closing process, all credits to Josh! Maybe I should stop my review here, so I don’t make it too long, but I have a lot more good things to say.

I would highly recommend Josh Chen for your real estate agent. Josh is an honest, professional, knowledgeable, ethical, trustworthy and responsible agent that I’ve ever worked with, he is just simply amazing.

- Bo Zhang & Jane Wei in 2017


Great home purchase experience with Josh

    That is so nice to have Josh Chen as real estate agent during our first time house purchased experience. Since we are first time home buyer, we don’t have any experience about the buying procedure in States. Josh really helps us a lot during this period. Especially, he is fully knowledge about the things that the first time buyers should look at and pay attention to. He also gives us very accurate estimates on the houses that we are interested in and help us negotiate with listing agents about price and give us more opportunity even if the offer is already done.

    Moreover, he treats us very nicely and never got mad or impatient even if we give him so many requests. We would strongly recommend everyone to have him as your agent if you want to learn and have great experience while purchasing your first house.

- Ye Jin and Dongjie Zhang in 2017


Sold a house in Hayward CA in 2016

I relocated to another state. The house was a rental property for about 5 years. My property manager recommended him. After I had a phone call with him. He sounded very knowledgeable and honest.

Josh is truly very knowledgeable and honest. He put my best interest first even he knew I probably would never meet him since I was in another state. The whole transaction was perfect! He presented me 10 offers after listing the house for about a week. His negotiate and communication skills are excellent! I was not surprised that he sold the house for me for over $50k above the listing price! Most importantly, he picked up his phone whenever I called him and he is very on time! I thank him very much for his work!

Josh is the BEST realtor that I have worked with so far. I will definitely recommend Josh to anyone!

- S Cheung in 2016


Great home selling and buying experience

We are so blessed to have an real estate broker like Josh Chen. We can't say thanks enough to him. We tried to sell the house since April of 2016 and not successful. Finally in the end of August we met Josh. We chose Josh since he is very humble, knowledgeable and trustworthy. The preparation before putting in the market was detailed and he advised as in everything we need. Once our house is in market, we got an offer after one weekend open house.

Then he encouraged us to look for house we want to buy. When we looked for houses, he explained good and bad things about the houses we like. We got accepted our offer for the house we want to buy. Everything is smooth for us because of Josh's big efforts. Josh made sure that we don't have any gap in moving to another house we buy, so he did rent back plan too. We recommend others Josh, so you can get smooth transition and fast.

- George and Win in 2016


Bought a Townhouse in Fremont 2016

Josh is the best real estate agent we've ever worked with, we experienced two other agents and visited countless open houses by ourselves. None of any of this can meet our expectation until we meet Josh. He gave us a thorough overview of the buying process, answered every question we had via text/phone/email/in-person.

He made us feel like we were his only client and fought hard for us to land our dream house with the terms we needed to close (Probably the best I ever heard of).

I will refer everyone I know to Josh!

- Yixiao & Xinwen in 2016


Buying and Selling in Fremont, 2016

When we moved to Fremont in 2006, we bought a house for two. When our two became three, our house was getting a little cramped and we started to think about moving. That's when a stranger approached us in the driveway: we thought he was going to try to sell us something, but he asked "If I bring you a qualified buyer, would you be interested in selling your house?" Thus began the smoothest, easiest home buying and selling experience ever.

Buying a house is stressful, and selling one doubly so, but we were lucky enough to have Josh Chen representing us. He made buying a house almost absurdly easy. He showed us the home of our dreams on the first day of house-hunting; he helped us craft a strong offer that was quickly accepted; he helped us navigate escrow, making sure we never missed a deadline; he helped us with inspections and repair estimates; and he helped us with the home loan, from pre-qualifying to locking in a 30-year fixed mortgage at an exceptional rate. He made selling equally simple: recommending excellent contractors; generating buzz; arranging inspections, title insurance, and buyer's home warranty; listing the house at the right price; conducting an open house; gathering and evaluating offers; and navigating escrow from the other side.

He was extremely responsive, returning every call, following up on every question, making sure we knew everything that was happening as it happened. He was very knowledgeable about real estate in general and Fremont real estate in particular. Most of all, we found him to be trustworthy: whatever problems came up, Josh would just handle them, letting us go about our business worry-free.

Thank you, Josh. We can't recommend you highly enough.

August 17, 2016

-- The Faraldos in 2016


Great home selling experience with Josh

Before I picked Josh, I had a conversation with another agent on the phone. After I found Josh, I knew he was the one, who was going to sell my house in Fremont, CA. At that time I had already moved out of my property and was living in southern California. He showed me with his strong knowledge of the Bay Area market, was very friendly and had lots of energy while we were on a FaceTime interview.

During the transaction, he patiently guided me through all the process and always let me know ahead of time before signing any documents electronically. He is very experienced about timing of the market, so we got the right time to put the house on the market. He is a really amazing negotiator and sold my house quite a bit above the asking price within one week. Went the extra mile to help sell my home as quick as possible and as smooth as he could. Honestly I never thought selling a home would be so smooth and fast.

I would strongly recommend Josh Chen as your agent for selling or buying property. You will never have to look for another agent again.

- Maung Si in 2016


Trustworthy and Professional

My husband and I own several rental properties in California and Nevada. We needed to hire a real estate agent to help sell one of our properties in Fremont, as we live in another State. I will be the first to acknowledge we are not your typical or easy to please sellers, we had clear expectations from our agent. We interviewed many prospective agents to find the right person to achieve our objectives.

When we met with Josh, we were impressed with his professionalism; he came prepared and did his due diligence on both the property and the market. He clearly laid out his marketing strategy and his assessments and recommendations aligned with our expectations.

The property required some minor repairs; upgrades and clean-up to get prepared to be put on the market. Josh assisted us in finding reliable contractors and other service providers at a reasonable cost to complete the task.

Josh delivered what he promised; we had multiple offers above our asking price. The process of selling this property went smoother and quicker than we had ever expected and Josh was an integral part of the success.

We do not usually recommend many people or service providers, but we would certainly use Josh in the future.

- Deborah and Thomas Hayward in 2014


Got the deal done with the highest price!

Met Josh in December and I realized that he was the perfect agent to sell our home. Let me start with the good news. Josh was instrumental in selling our home in the highest price in the entire community. Ours was sold at $630 per sq. feet when compared to the price at which the other houses sold at the same time- $560 per sq. feet. Josh is patient, very detailed oriented and thorough in his work. He is very comfortable to work with and is very transparent in the whole process. We had some hurdle in the end and I strongly felt that it was his expertise that got the deal done. I would highly recommend Josh if you are ready to sell or buy a home.

- Anand S. in 2016


Hands Down The Best Realtor In The Bay Area

My wife and I needed to sell our condo in Fremont in order to raise money for a down payment on a new townhouse. I emailed a dozen or so realtors to see which one would best fit our needs. Josh was the first to respond and he even remembered my wife's name from a previous encounter six months prior. After interviewing several realtors, it was clear that Josh had the most knowledge, experience, and most importantly the negotiation skills to sell our condo for top dollar. He gave us an easy step-by-step process and timeline for what we needed to do in order to get our place ready for sale. From painting and renovations, to deep cleaning and staging, Josh found us the best contractors to help fix, improve, and prepare our unit. In the end, Josh was able to negotiate and sell our condo for an unbelievable $50K over asking price which was the highest priced condo to date in the whole area. We've already told all our neighbors to make sure they use Josh Chen when they sell their condo. Needless to say, my wife and I are now life-time customers. We will never buy or sell a place again unless Josh Chen is at our side.

- Martin Bruce in 2016


Great home purchase experience with Josh

My co-worker introduced Josh to me. After a short conversation, I think he is nice and very professional. It is the first time to buy a house, I have little experience, so I do need people help me and tell me how to pick up an area, choose house, check house and how the whole process goes. I believe Josh can provide all the help I need, that's why I choose him. And during the whole transaction, Josh designed a good strategy and helped me get my dream house from the multiple-counter offer.

In one word, Josh can help you, and I'd like refer Josh to my friends.

- Xiaodong in 2015


Great house buying experience with Josh Chen

We planned to buy a house in bay area early this year and several friends recommended Josh to us. I am really glad that we picked Josh and finally bought our new house in this hot market.

Josh is very familiar with local house market, he explained locations, school district and showed us around different local areas. During the house buying, he gave us very quick response and spent lots of time analyzing pros and cons of houses. We are very enjoy to work with Josh, that he always puts client's benefit first and does not push you. With Josh and his team's help, we bought a house at nice location and closed the deal smoothly.

I would definitely recommend Josh to my friends for house buying or selling.

- Steven Xi in 2015


Smooth purchase experience with Josh

Josh is knowledgeable and experienced. For example, Josh educated us on specific things to pay attention to when searching for a home. As a result, I learned a lot about how to find the right home. Josh is also experienced in negotiating terms with the seller and helped us to get our offer accepted.

Josh is my go to person for real estate questions and I have referred him to friends on several occasions. I would definitely go with him again.

- Fred in 2014


Great home purchase experience with an experienced agent Josh Chen

Never think about having our own property until the precious one was born few month ago. We were looking for somewhere safe, affordable with decent school district like any other young family. However, we were about to give up purchasing any property after a month of bidding (even outbid 10-15%) but losing until we reached out to Josh. He is definitely the one everyone should work with, he made us painless and worry free during the whole buying/negotiation process, he is patient, he is knowledgeable about the area we were bidding, he is convincing and the most important thing that he understands your needs and listen to you. Guys, he saved us a lot of money in this transaction.

I would highly 100% recommend Josh to everyone who has the same situation like us especially who has been searching/bidding in the market and keep failing with any reasons. Good Luck!

- Cheri N. in 2015


Great home purchase experience with Josh, excellent negotiator! 

Due to my husband's work and our family structure, we have been planning this move for almost a year. Josh was very patient with my family and understanding as well as very respectful of our time as we have two very young children.( 2 yrs. old and a newborn)

The first time we met him, he interviewed us and immediately had a clear idea of our dream house. He was very honest, straight forward and professional. Every time if we lost track he was always there to remind us and brought us back to reality and on track.

We found our home the 1st day it got posted on MLS and purchased our home before its scheduled for open house, so it didn't go in to a crazy bidding war. He helped us negotiate the price and kept all appliances as well as a very expensive set of water treatment system. Plus, 1K below the comparable market price all because his quick action and great instincts!

- Crystal in 2014


Great home purchase experience with Josh

We ran into Josh at one of his open houses a couple of years ago. We were very impressed by his knowledge in real estate. Since then, Josh have been providing us a lot of valuable real estate information.

We were living in a small 3 bedroom house and would like to have a more comfortable one. When we started looking for our dream home, we decided to choose Josh as our agent.

It is one of the best decisions we have ever made. He was very professional and always considered our interests first. We felt that we could trust his professional judgment and advise in our house hunting journey.

We saw a short-sell house and loved it. With Josh's great help, the seller accepted our offer among multiple very competitive offers. This was a very tough one; we almost gave up during this long process. Josh helped us to complete a tough negotiation and close the final transaction in a very short time.

We will definitely recommend Josh to our friends; and will choose him again if there is a chance.

Thanks Josh! 

- Jason in 2014


Sold a single family house in two weeks.

Due to a recent job change, I need to move to South Bay Area where my company located at. I decided to sell my house in East Bay because the daily 1 hour commute. Then one of my friends introduced Josh to me. We had an initial meeting at the house where he brought a detailed information booklet about his experience, his market research for the area, and his plan of selling the home. My mom and I were very impressed with this professional approach to his clients. Throughout the selling process, he guided us every step of the way. He is always thinking ahead of time. He is a very detail oriented agent as he will remind us some small details that we would never thought of by ourselves. Those little details actually helped make this process go smoothly than we expected. He is also very patient as he was eager to answer our questions and concerns. We strongly feel that his excellent negotiation skill really help us to stay ahead of the process. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone who is currently considering buying or selling a house.

- Yan in 2014


Great home buying experience in Cambrian with Josh 

My whole family immigrated to the States in Sep. 2013. I did not expect we can buy an ideal house in the first year especially in the competitive house market until we met Josh. He invited us to his office for further illustration on home-buying process. His competent professional and trustworthy personality made us feel we can rely on him and excited as like we are going to have our own house soon after we left his office. In this June we started spotting open house in the weekend. Whenever we passed him the houses we may fancy, he would drive to check the house in person then give us unbiased opinions about the house right away. When we came to a decision, he strategized with us on the offer considering the maximum interest for us like he was purchasing a house himself. In the Mid of July we bought a house and we are very satisfied after we moved in.

We would strongly recommend him to my friends who might be interested in buying or selling a home.

- Vincent & Vivian in 2013


Purchased a great house quickly in an extremely competitive market

My wife and I made the move down to the Bay Area for my job. After selling our previous home, we were eager to find the right house for us and get settled. Josh was referred to me by a coworker who also purchased a house with him recently, and from the moment we first met we knew he was going to be a great agent for us. Josh was very concerned about our needs, always answered our calls/e-mails/texts, and helped us put together the offer that won us our home -- without breaking our budget! There were 8 other offers on the house we purchased, and Josh’s knowledge of the Bay Area’s ridiculously competitive market was what made our offer the winner. 10/10 will definitely look him up when we buy/sell again in the Bay Area.

- Aaron & Lindsey in 2014


Sold my home amazingly fast & high price

I was not sure I want to sell or rent my house but decided to list my house with Josh right after I met him. To me, Josh is knowledgeable with all resources of real estate, has nice and warm personality, and has been always patient with my questions. He even helped me to give away my used furniture to a single parent family. He gave me marvelous ideas to remodel my 26 years old house to become a cozy, comfortable and adorable home. I sold my home just right after 1 weekend open house with 15 offers and much higher price than listing price. Josh has followed up carefully on the whole escrow process and leave me worry free.

With Josh’s professional and efficient performances, I highly recommend Josh to my friends and relatives. 

- Nancy T in 2014


Couldn't Have Asked for a Better Agent

As a first time home buyer, I had a lot to learn and Josh provided ample support and guidance to help me find the perfect property. From the start, Josh was very thorough in understanding my needs and steering me in the right direction. Throughout the process, he went above and beyond to facilitate the home search and was very easy to communicate with. He even taught me valuable lessons in examining houses and evaluating neighborhoods. Once we decided on the right home, Josh acted with precision to negotiate in my favor and close the deal.

Overall, I not only had a successful transaction with Josh but also a great learning experience. I highly recommend him as an agent for future purchases or sales.  

- Johnny Li in 2014


A Journey Indeed!

We needed space! Our family size had grown. We knew exactly where we wanted to buy our new home. Inventory was low. We were also choosy. After all it is a big decision. We were getting frustrated with our search. Either we did not like the home, or lost out in the bidding war.

We picked the house first. We felt it was the right home for us. Josh was there at the open house. We liked him because he was not Salesy! He gave us the facts about the home…some good and some not so well. But end of the day, he was upfront…not only about the home but also what he would expect out of us as a buyer.

In this crazy market, we were NOT the highest bidder. Yet we got the home. Josh gave us a few suggestions that we had never considered before. He made sure the sellers knew that we were a good buyer with all intention to buy the property. He knew how the seller may think, what they valued most in the transaction. I feel that really helped us to get the deal rather than just throwing out a crazy high number.

I would refer Josh to my friends for sure. He treated us right!

-Debbie and Joy in 2015


Great home purchase experience with Josh.

It's my first time to purchase a house in America as a new immigrate. Josh helped me a lot to find a wonderful house in the least amount of the time and to get house among strong competitions. I'm appreciated about everything he did. I would refer him to others who are looking for a house or use him again.

- Yiyi in 2015


Great home purchase experience with Josh

I was a first-time home buyer looking for a house in Fremont area. I met Josh in one of the many open houses. Josh introduced himself and listened to my requirements carefully. He invited me to his office for further illustration on home-buying process. He shared the tips and tricks on what to consider when buying a house. He was able to detect and describe hidden details of a house from exterior to interior. I really appreciate his willingness to share these details, whether they are good or bad. I see Josh is a sincere and trustworthy person. He is very patient, polite and not being pushy to close a deal. Josh customized the home search engine to fit my home-buying criteria to ensure I receive the real-time info on new homes for sales. He followed up with me regularly for any Q&As on the latest homes for sale, property market trend and good buying opportunities.

Later on, my wife and I spotted several open homes in a weekend in December 2013. Josh accompanied us to visit those open houses and again, he provided his unbiased opinions about the houses. Finally, we’ve decided to bid for a house and provided an offer to the seller. Josh strategized with us on the offer and proceeded with our offer to the sales agent. At the same time, Josh helped the home loan application, house inspection/appraisal, contingency closure, house walkthrough and explained the home title. Josh managed to close the deal in less than a month from the day we visited the house for the first time! I was amazed by Josh’s swift response and action on every front and his network of highly competent and motivated professionals. Josh went the extra miles to explore the best option in every single step of my home-buying process.

My family and I have moved to the new house and we are very satisfied with our new home. I highly recommend Josh on house buying and selling to my friends and colleagues. I will look for Josh if I were to buy or sell a house in the future. I trust Josh’s experience, sincerity, enthusiasm and vast network of professionals to get deals closed with exceptional pace and results.

- Edwin and Lincy in 2014


“Smooth first time home buying experience with Josh”

I was a first time home buyer looking for a single-family home in the San Leandro area. I had been looking at homes for only a short time when I first met Josh at an open house he was showing. At that time, I wasn’t completely sure what I was looking for in a home yet. Josh helped me along the process to determine what I wanted in a home and he ultimately helped me find what I was looking for.

My first impression of Josh was that he was friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help me. When I first met him at an open house he was showing, he took the time to ask me questions to learn what I was in the market for. Being a first time home buyer, I had lots of questions for him as well. I felt comfortable asking him questions as a novice and he took the time to explain to me the many details of buying a home. I felt that he answered my questions clearly and honestly. After our first conversation that day, I knew I wanted him to represent me as my realtor.

Without a doubt, Josh put my interests first. I remember when we went to look at homes together, he first asked me what my objective for buying a home was. When we discussed each home we visited, I felt like we were on the same page. Each time we visited a home, he would ask me for my opinion of it and then he gave his own input. I could tell from his advice that he is an experienced realtor.
Josh helped me to jump on a good deal and make a quick offer when there were competitive bids already on the table. He negotiated the deal winning terms that got me the home. Because of this, I can say Josh is hard working and recognizes opportunities for his clients.

Josh kept in touch with me at every point of the way in closing the deal. I received email updates, phone calls, and text messages from him with action items and status updates. I felt he kept me up to date on the process and it made me feel that I was in good hands.
I would definitely work with Josh again and I would recommend him to anyone.

- Fred Zhang in 2016


Bought A Single Family House In Fremont (2013)

Our family moved up to the Bay Area from Orange County ready to purchase our second home in Fremont. We asked various agents before Josh and realized that Josh goes extra and beyond our needs.

We picked Josh because he was always attentive, patient, resourceful, smart, caring, and detailed. While other agents did not help us with loans and finding ways to make our loans work, Josh did. He helped us with everything during the process of purchasing a new home in Fremont.

Josh has many strong points. We really appreciated how he got us a big closing credit after our offer was selected. This credit was extremely important to us. We admired his business intuition and strategy. During the transaction, he was always friendly, smart, thorough, and energetic.

Our family will definitely always go to Josh for future real estate business and would recommend him to friends and family.

- Ju Family in 2013


Josh makes the journey of home buying a perfect ride from A to Z

My wife and I were looking for a single family home in Fremont for a couple of months and the real estate market in the Bay Area has been red hot.  Properties that we were interested in typically received multiple offers and got snapped up like hot pancakes in an increasingly competitive market.  

While we continued to search for an ideal property to live, we knew that the key to snatching a property with a winning offer is to find a knowledgeable real estate agent who knows his area like his own fingers and possesses superior domain knowledge about real estates.  Luckily we met Josh.

When we expressed interest in making an offer, Josh took extra time to tell us all the details about the property including its history and neighborhood, fair market value and comparables, etc. He was very open, honest, and trustworthy.  The very same evening he followed up with a call to give us a detailed checklist of what I needed in order to make a successful offer.  He was very resourceful in directing us to prepare the offer and get all the pieces in place the next day.  These qualities of Josh are highly valuable in today’s competitive market in helping a buyer rise above the competition and make successful offers.

Once our offer had been accepted, you might think that the transaction was all set and done. In fact, it was only the beginning of a long process.  Every step of the way Josh was there to help.

·    He arranged home inspection for us at our convenience.

·    He pushed our banker hard to get the loan process rolling.

·    When there was an inevitable delay with my banker, he kept up the pressure and finally got the appraisers sent by my banker.

·    When the loan approval was later than planned, he kept the communication channel open with the seller and smoothed over any potential issues.

·    He helped me go through home inspection report and prepare a detailed list of items that will require repair.  He then helped us negotiate a sizable refund to cover almost all the closing cost.

·    When the loan was finally approved, he quickly worked with my banker, escrow officer, and myself to ensure flawless signing of closing docs, speedy funding of the loan, and transfer and recording of the title.

·    After all was done and signed, he went extra miles to help me with finding contractors, planning the move-in, getting movers, setting up utilities, etc. The list goes on and on.

In short, without Josh’s help, this process of buying a house would’ve been a lot more stressful, even impossible in today’s competitive market.  But what I like the most about Josh is that he’s really a people person and a really cool guy to hang out with.

I would refer Josh to anybody because he’s the best real estate agent I’ve had and would definitely use him again.  In fact I’m recommending him to some of my co-workers now.

Thank you very much again! 

- Shawn S. in 2013


Trustworthy and Professional
I am first time home buyer and looking for a SFH in east bay. Finding a good buyer agent is important for me.I asked many of my friends but none of them are satisfied with their agent.
I met Josh in another open house he was selling, I found communicating with him is quite efficient and he quickly got to know what my requirement is and gave me many helpful suggestions on price/down payment/loan.That is how I decided to choose him.
My first feeling with Josh is good but my later experience is even much better. When he made any suggestions, he always thought on your side.He is very responsive and I could always reach him within five minutes. Actually, I almost never have to call him because he will always reach me whenever anything happens or I am waiting for updates.
Here are the things he did for me which are quite satisfying
1) When I was looking for houses, he provided helpful suggestions and gave his opinions on advantages/disadvantages/reasonable price for each property.
2) He is professional and an expert in this field. I could ask him any questions and he could always solve my problems.
3) He keeps pushing everyone (escrow, loan, seller, seller agent) to make sure nothing is delayed. I never have to call him to do this or that.
4) He helped me set up home inspection, get repair quote (such as fences, windows and roof separately) and get big credit back from seller which I never expect in current seller's market.
5) He helped me investigating loan rates, checking escrow/lender charges, he is trying to help me not waste a dollar anywhere. I finally got a very good interest rate.
6) Near the end of the closing date, we met some problems with the seller on title. Josh patiently keeps pushing escrow/lender/seller to get all problems solved on time. He also successfully asked the seller for additional credit to make sure my rate lock not expired.
7) He also spent a lot of time calling me to teach me how to maintain a house, what I should be careful about. I really appreciate this.

In summary, this is quite a smooth process, everything is well under control. I could not find any bad word for the whole process. He is trustworthy and professional, this is enough for me to recommend him to anyone.

- HJ Bai in 2013


Sold a Single House in Fremont

We would like to sell our house in Fremont to reduce our monthly mortgage fees even though we really enjoyed living in that house. The reasons we picked Josh are two folds. First, we know him as one of our best friends who is honest, trustworthy and responsive. Second, he is a professional in real estate field whom we know as knowledgeable and resourceful. Josh always puts client’s interest first and he is a strong strategic negotiator. He utilized many different marketing channels effectively. We thus got multiple offers when qualified buyers were few for the property style and price range we had. In addition, our house was sold at a pretty reasonable price. He went extra miles to help us during the open houses, negotiated a long way with a difficult buyer agent.  

I will definitely refer Josh to others or use him again. Actually I referred Josh to any friend of mine who looked for selling (or buying) houses.

Thank you.

- Michael in 2012


Great home purchasing experience with Josh

I was a first time home buyer looking for a home in the Fremont area. I had been looking at homes for quite a while when I met Josh at an open house he was showing. He was highly recommended by a trusted friend. At that time, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for, but Josh helped me to determine what I wanted in a home.

 Josh was friendly, positive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. He was very responsible and always made my needs a priority. I felt very comfortable asking him questions and he took the time to explain to me every answer in detail.

 When we went to look at homes together, we discussed the home we visited, and he also chatted with the neighbor to get more inside information. I could tell that he was a well-experienced professional realtor and a person who honestly cared about my needs.

 Josh helped me to make a quick offer when there were competitive bids already on the table and he negotiated the terms that got me the home. Josh kept in touch with me each step of the way in closing the deal. He also provided me the resources that I felt very comfortable with to have a smooth move. I felt that he was the best and I could not have asked for anyone better.

 I would definitely work with Josh again and I would strongly recommend him to anyone who might be interested in buying or selling a home because he is a person who always put his client first.

- Angel in 2013


Delighted to be his reference

When I and my husband visited the Lake area of Newark for the first time, it reminded us about the neighborhood we used to live in in the east coast which we had missed in the bay area. We knew that this was an area which we wanted to move to. However, the local housing market was hot, inventory remained low and competition was fierce. Since we had known Josh for a while, we knew immediately that we liked to have him help us.

With his foreclosure investment experience in the past 7 years, his knowledge in REO or short sales came in handy. The house we bought was owned by an investment fund. Josh knew how to build rapports with them quickly and closed the transaction smoothly. He also walked through all steps meticulously including review of all contracts, disclosures, contingencies, selecting of property inspectors, appraisals. With the property inspection report and his negotiation skills, he even got some credit back for us which was rare in seller's market.

If we were to buy or sell our house, we would definitely use Josh again. It has been a pleasant experience working with him. We will also be delighted to be his references.

- Helen W in 2012


Sold our Home almost overnight!

We are very satisfied with Josh Chen as our Realtor. We liked him right away. We felt he was very honest and experienced. We were not ready to sell, but he kept in touch. When we were ready he came over and gave us some wonderful ideas to help sell the house. Josh had one open house and had many offers, I could not believe it. He told us it would sell fast and we would get more $ than we asked.  He was correct.
Josh studied the offers and presented them to us. He kept us informed almost daily with the progress of the sale of our home. We signed final papers yesterday. The experience has been smooth and easy. Yes, I would recommend Josh to any of my friends and family.  
Thank You Josh. 

- Rex and Jade Thomas in 2013


Great Purchase experience with Josh

We were on a lookout for a single family house in Fremont Irvington school district. We met Josh and found him very receptive, courteous and attentive. He made a conscious effort to understand our requirements. He worked with us in showing the house and coordinated with the seller's agent and assisted in getting our offer through. He was in constant contact with us throughout our house buying process. He came across as trustworthy, friendly and responsive. This was the first time we bought a house in this country and Josh educated us with all the steps involved in buying a house and answered all our questions patiently.

We would totally recommend him to others for assistance in buying a house and would consider him if we plan to buy another house or sell our house. 

- Jack Nath in 2013